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Full Time Care

We treat each and every resident as an individual. Whether you need support or not, the compassionate care team are committed to helping residents and family members by providing comfort, security, life enrichment and care within a safe, vibrant and uplifting environment.

As part of the process of moving in, we talk in depth to each resident and their families so that we have a clear and detailed view of each residents’ needs, hobbies, interests, former careers, favourite foods and so on.

This all helps us not only to deliver the best possible care for each and every resident, but to see each resident, tailored to their individual needs. By preserving dignity, respecting independence and promoting life enrichment, we help to create a real sense of home.

Individualised Service Plans

The home works with you and your families to ensure an Individualised Service Plan, which is at the heart of Ambleside's  resident-centred approach to care. It is a comprehensive, customised programme of care based on the resident’s interests, needs and wishes, which is developed with the resident and their family. It guides daily interaction between each resident and team members at Ambleside and is updated as an ongoing reference, allowing the team to adapt quickly if a resident's needs change.

We accept both privately funded individuals, and socia services funded individuals.

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